running this crazy jekyll website

This is just some running notes for managing this website. They may not work on different platforms. Currently they have been written to function on a MacOSX using Mojave 10.14.x.

Getting Ruby Manager

Highly recommend installing a ruby environment manager, so you can switch between versions of ruby if need be (or update install new ones). There are two options: rbenv and rvm. I’m using rbenv in this set of notes. Both are good, rvm is a bit tricker to install.

see these instructions for dealing with rvm:

  • rbenv: install following these instructions:
  • rvm: install following these instructions:

once rbenv is installed:

  • check versions available: rbenv install -l

  • install new version of ruby: rbenv install 2.7.2

check ruby version and use rehash to set paths:

check the version: ruby -v rehash: rbenv rehash

set the global version to use

rbenv global 2.7.2 ruby -v rbenv versions

Update Jekyll & Bundler

First we need to install bundler and jekyll to build up our site:

  • gem install bundler jekyll

Now we can actually run stuff in the directory where the Gemfile lives:

  • bundle update
  • bundle install

Update and View website!

To preview the website, we can use this:

  • bundle exec jekyll serve

If we have a drafts folder and want to see what the posts in drafts would look like, use this:

  • bundle exec jekyll serve --drafts